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SAN - STORAGE AREA NETWORK - where to start (for beginner)


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This article focuses on basics of SAN which will help you to understand role of SAN in Data Centers and in cloud environment.

SAN (Storage Area Network)

Definition - It is a network which provides faster input output of data with redundancy and also provides space to store data

Advantages -
1. Faster IO ....(Min. 1Gbps - Max 32 Gbps speed)

Note- Gbps (Giga Bit Per Second) it is unit to major speed of SAN infrastructure.

2. Redundancy
3. Security
4. Centralized Management of data
5. Serverless Backup
6. LAN Free Backup
7. Scalability
8. N. number of server connection
9. Heterogeneous data Storage
10. BLOCK Level Access
11. High Availability

Disadvantage -
Costly - compared any other IT technologies this technology is costly

SAN it is heart of data center. For any customer data is very important and SAN meets all requirements of the customer. Without SAN we can not imagine Data center even cloud also.

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